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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Squidoo the great lensmaster



Squidoo is a community website platform that allows users to create pages for subjects which interest them, and to use those pages to sell products for profit or charitable donation. The site reportedly had 1.5 million "hand-built lenses" as of October 2010.
Development on Squidoo started in 2005,
Squidoo is a user generated webside which uses the concept of a "lens" as its primary feature. In his ebook "Everyone's an Expert," Godin describes a lens as "[focusing] light and [showing] us what we need to see." The site also allows content creators to earn revenue from referral links to sites like and Ebay.
The users who create lenses are called "lensmasters". A lensmaster can be anyone with an interest in a specific subject; they do not necessarily have to be externally-recognized experts. In Squidoo's early stages, Godin noted that Martha Stewart and Jane Goodall's lenses did not receive large amounts of traffic, whereas lenses on My Space and the online game Line Rider were among the site's most successful. Squidoo contains lenses on 35 different topics, including Food & Cooking, Green Living, About Me and Business.
Squidoo is notable in that it allows users to create multimedia pages without learning HTML.These pages often achieve built-in popularity due to their association with thousands of other Squidoo pages.
The site introduced the use of 'SquidMonsters', along with SquidTrophies and an experience points system.
The site also employs a unique revenue share: 50% of all revenue goes to the lensmasters. Squidoo and its lenses rely on advertising and affiliate links to create revenue.
"Squidoo is one of the largest websites in the world, with millions of pages, half a million members, more traffic than and more than 20,000,000 page views a month.
Squidoo aims to work directly with advertisers instead of just posting Google ads and Glam ads on your lenses, currently meaning some middle-man ad networks share the profits. This is good for us lensmasters because it will mean more ad money each month per lens.

Squidoo has a lot of influence and is going to use it to get a better deal.

But here's the interesting

"We're focusing on more than just banners, leveraging our deep long tail of information combined with legions of motivated and talented users."
Earn money with Squidoo
Many people who have just opened an account wonder if it is possible and how one can earn money with Squidoo. As a writing website and micro-blogging platform, Squidoo has been around for a while (since 2005), and has proven its success. The impressive number of testimonials written by people who succeeded to make a living on Squidoo stands as proof for the platform’s popularity and profitability. 

Earn Money with Squidoo

PC with internet connection 
writing skills 

First of all, you should know that there are several ways to earn money on Squidoo and the income generating methods can be direct or indirect. Here are two of them:

Advertising revenue share

All pages are dotted with Google ads. Some of them appear on top of the article (called lens in Squidoo terminology) between the title and the introductory paragraph. In-text ads match specific keywords, but they run at low density in order not to make the page look spammy. Display ads are media rich banners that feature the lenses’ sidebar and on the page’s header, as you can see in my screenshot below. 

Earn Money with Squidoo
The revenue share for these ads is split into two: 50% go to Squidoo to cover for the website’s maintenance costs, 50% is divided to the authors (lensmasters) according to a complicated formula that takes the lenses’ ranks into consideration. Thus, the 1st tier lenses (having a rank of at least 2000) can earn around 50 USD a month, but the sums go down very quickly if you don’t succeed to reach this level. Another trick you should know: lenses created that month do not qualify for ad revenue payment. 

Now, in order to upgrade your lenses’ rank, the same SEO rules as for any other type of online writing apply: writing original, informative and interesting articles, using the right keywords, building backlinks, sharing your content through social media networks, etc. 

Amazon modules

The interesting part about earning money with Squidoo lies in the supplementary option other revenue share websites do not provide: the sales module. 

The most popular one (and also a compulsory module if you want to reach the 100% level of completion for a lens) is the Amazon module. Depending on your lens’ topic, you can recommend all sorts of products from Amazon’s website. If you want to focus all your sales effort on a single product, you can use the Amazon Spotlight module, just like I did in my book review

Earn Money with Squidoo

If you want to add more products to your lens, the regular Amazon module is your best choice. Don’t forget to include a description for each of the products you recommend. It is an opportunity to insert more keywords, but also a marketing tool through which you persuade the reader to click on the link and purchase the product. 

Earn Money with Squidoo

These two Amazon modules use Squidoo’s affiliate account. This means that each time your lens generates a sale, you will share the commission with Squidoo. On the one hand, it is a good thing as Squidoo is a top Amazon affiliate and their commission is double than what you can get on your own. On the other hand, it does not help you upgrade your Amazon affiliate account. However, it helps you upgrade your lens’ rank. 

If you decide to use your own account, you can generate text links and banners via Amazon Associates Central. You can build a banner promoting a single product: 

single product Amazon banner

There are also banners for a whole category of products, displaying the best sellers and redirecting visitors towards the respective category’s page. 

single product Amazon banner

For nice looking banners, especially tailored for Squidoo use, visitSquidUtils. On the same page you can check your lens’ health, get some tips on how to improve it, and find a list of directory to submit your lenses to. 

Well, these are 2 of the methods you can use to earn money with Squidoo. More about the other ones on a future post. 

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